wean1 [wēn]
[ME wenen < OE wenian, to accustom, train, with sense of awenian, to wean < a- (< af-, away) + wenian < IE base * wen-, to desire, attain, be satisfied > L venus, love]
1. to cause (a child or young animal) to become accustomed gradually to food other than its mother's milk; to cause to give up suckling; now, often, to cause to give up drinking milk from a bottle with a nipple
2. to withdraw (a person) by degrees (from a habit, object of affection, occupation, etc.), as by substituting some other interest
3. to be raised on or brought up with; to become accustomed to: with on [weaned on good books]
wean2 [wēn]
[contr. of Scot wee ane, little one] [Scot. or North Eng.] a child or baby

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